Book Review Policy

Hi! Welcome to my book review policy! In my book reviews, I like to write all about the book and where it comes from. If it comes from a series, I will list out all books in the series. Then I write about my thoughts of the book. My reviews are short and sweet. I like to highlight the main points that stands out and the things that busy my brain with long after I finish reading the book. I will NOT write a lengthy review in which I scrutinize and dissect every aspect of the book because I find that very boring and too much to read.  All of my reviews are SPOILER-FREE.

My Ratings

5 Stars – Most awesome read, with intelligent characters, humor, cleverness, romance, flirt, makes me laugh/giggle out loud, and keeps me up at night and unforgetable. A fast paced, page turner, couldn’t put down kind of read. Heart-pounding, mind racing, and holding my breath kind of read! haha..

4.5 Stars – Excellent read with minor setbacks. I like to read different characters’ point of views. Fast paced, page turner, but lacking something.

4 Stars –  Good read with missing details. I like to know all about the characters and their backgrounds.

3.5 Stars – The book is either bland or has potential to become better. Need more character building, story needs more developing. More excitement.

3 Stars – The characters are not so smart and clever. Not exciting and humorous. Bland. Misspelling.

No books below 3 stars because I am unable to finish it. Once I lose interest, it’s hard for me to push through just to finish it. I feel there are so many great books to read, why bother waste time reading a not so interesting book?

Please contact me at for review requests and blog tour requests. Only prefer read: Physical Copy

Favorite Genres:

– Young Adult Fiction
– Middle Grade Fiction
– Children’s Fiction (includes picture books fiction & non-fiction)
– Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
– Fantasy/Magic/Science Fiction/Fairy Tales/Retellings/Paranormal
– Contemporary Romance/Chic Lit

NOT Accepting Genres:
– Mental Illness/Health Issues (I have a weak heart and I can’t deal with depressing read even though I know there are good messages and good reminders)
– Non-Fiction (very good knowledge though, but I would rather head to the library for these books when I need it)
– Autobiography/Business books/Textbook
– Horror/Gruesome Kills (I don’t watch Walking Dead for this reason; I’m scared even though the makeup artists did a really great job!)
– Extreme Political
– Religious/Poetry/Short stories compilation
– No erotica please, because I enjoy the beginning of a relationship: the flirt and sneaking a glance. That sort of thing is so cute to read.

My Reviews are posted in: My Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, NetGalley, Edelweiss, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble. I also do shout out on Twitter and Instagram.

Reason for Physical Book Preference: The reason I request physical copy is because I used to read a lot of ebooks when I first started blogging and I developed vertigo and heard weird noises in my ears. I went to see an urgent care doctor a few times and ENT doctor for treatment multiple times after that. I didn’t know what caused it but I never had it before so I thought maybe it’s the reading. I started reading physical books after that and lately I noticed that I don’t hear random noises in my ears anymore and I can lay down on one pillow to sleep instead of a couple of pillows like the ENT doctor prescribed and I don’t feel the dizziness anymore. It was scary times to go through all that jazz.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you find it useful!