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Disney’s Treasury of Children’s Classics was an excellent read! So many stories (22 stories to be exact) collected into one book. Took me many months to finish reading it for my daughter. Each story ended with how Disney made the story into an animated movie. It’s definitely cool to read about the animated movie making processes. The Bambi story, artists were sent into the woods for a month to study the animals’ movements and how they are in their element so that artists could draw them. Many animators had to take drawing classes to learn how to draw animals. The number of pictures they have to draw per movie was staggering so it made sense that each movie requires many people who can draw. Even though I was reading these children’s classics for my daughter, I was personally enjoying them. It’s good to read them again every once in a while. I rated 5 stars!

I loved reading graphic novels. The illustrations are excellent and the read are quick. Reading graphic novels doesn’t require a lot of imagination either because it’s all happening in the illustrations. This book followed Scarlet Hart out hunting monsters with her family’s butler named Napoleon as her getaway driver. Her parents died 4 years ago from the same career. She wanted him to take pictures of her in capturing a monster so that she can collect the reward money. The first monster she lost to other hunter because she had to rescue a civilian who was caught by the monster. It happened a few times with other monsters too and then she found out why this other hunter always seemed to know where she was and arrived a little bit before her. I rated 5 stars!

I got this book from my tour to the little free libraries. I read it for my daughter’s bedtime but halfway through I read it to myself to the end. I loved the story. Tom was a clever boy. He knew how to get out of work by tricking others to do it for him. The gum sharing was funny as well as the me-yow calling. Tom was a naughty boy and often received whippings. He’s innovative and often came up with something to do. That part with the dead cat was really out of this world. I’m surprised that Huckleberry Finn was in this story. I haven’t read his story yet. But it’s cool that two well known classic characters were in this story. I admire Tom and his cleverness, even at the end where he got Huckleberry Finn to do something he didn’t want to do. This book has illustrations so it was helpful in seeing where the story was going. I rated 5 stars!

I’m going to be doing these mini reviews for books I read that I owned. My normal review layout will be reserved for books I review for publishers because they do quite take up a lot of reading time.



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