May & June 2021 Wrap-Up Harry Potter theme park & Nascar #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup

Hi Everyone!

Time has escaped me by. I feel like I don’t do enough and the end of the month came and went. It’s already 10 days into July. I have only reviewed one book. Somehow I managed to read and reviewed 14 books in June and 8 books in May. My picture from June accidentally has a picture of the Hippos book, but if you switched that book with an audiobook that I listened to, then it’s still 14. I actually did loved all books I read in May and June. Detailed reviews for them here: The Truth About Hippos, Keeping the City Going, Silent Night, The Good Sister, The Lost Apothecary, SHE, Made in Korea, The Sharey Godmother, How to Deal, The Truth About Crocodiles, The Truth And Butterflies, Dr. Fauci, Long Distance, Dear Librarian, Chirp!, Listen, Pizazz, Oddbird, Hairpin Bridge, The Truth About Dolphins, Getaway, And Then There Were None. So in May, I decided to try listening to an audiobook because I was on the road out of town on vacation and I didn’t want to lose the time without a book to account for. I didn’t expect to love listening to it but I did. Then in June, I listened to my first Agatha Christie’s book and saw the mini TV series. I loved it. I also saw The Woman in the Window and I thought both the book and the movie was just okay. I finished out the last season of The 100. I loved it. The whole tv shows, I loved season 6 most because the planet was so beautiful. I didn’t like that season with so much killing and not enough lighting. I started watching The Vampire Diaries and I’m on episode 20 of season one. I don’t think I will watch more of it. I’m always a Twilight fan and that’s the book that introduced me to vampires. I also finished watching the mini series for Little Fires Everywhere. The ending was good. I need to read the book!

Two memorable bookmail I received was from Little, Brown for Getaway and Macmillan Publishers for Oddbird. It’s always fun to receive book swags 😊

In May, my family and I visited Universal Studios for the first time. I loved the Harry Potter theme park. We waited a long time for the Gringotts ride. We went to see few others and drank many butter beers. More pictures posted on my Instagram (@howusefulitis)

In June, my son and I attended the Ally 400 Nascar Cup Series, an inaugural race in Nashville, Tennessee. My son is a big fan of Nascar and it’s our first time seeing a race live. It was loud but it was a fantastic experience. My son’s a Joey Logano fan so we were all about his colors!

While in Nashville, we visited many landmarks and places like The Parthenon, Opryland, Opry Mills to eat at the Aquarium. Nascar day took up the whole day so we couldn’t visit more places. More pictures posted on my Instagram.

Recently I received this announcement from WordPress. The first two years was finding myself and there were hardly any posts. I’m glad to have discovered books. I have been actively reading and blogging for the past 5 years and I loved it.

Happy Reading Everyone!


7 thoughts on “May & June 2021 Wrap-Up Harry Potter theme park & Nascar #readingwrapup #monthlywrapup

  1. Kristina says:

    Oh wow congrats on 7years !! That’s amazing xx
    Omg the restaurant in an aquarium 🥰 I wouldve totally be the random one to take a picture of/with the fishies ahah .. so nice that you spent a good time with your family there 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jasmine says:

      Thank you 😊 First 2-3 years of the 7 years I didn’t do much on the blog. Until I found book reviews and then I latched on 😂 Oh lots of people took pictures with the fishes. There were some huge ones. It’s a cool place to visit.

      Liked by 1 person

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