Jan & Feb 2020 Wrap-Up & More

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a lot going on with me, especially in February. I have been a new mom for 7 months. In this 7 months, my mistake was trying hard to do breastfeeding when truly my body just refused to produce milk for my baby and I just ended up exerting myself a lot. Since I don’t have enough milk to fill her tummy, I drink a lot of water, mother’s tea, fenugreek, etc but it just doesn’t work. I also spent a lot of time feeding her solids and homemade puree. Since she loves breastfeeding, she refused the bottle so I have to feed her through spoon and syringe. I also have to endure a lot of her cries because she wants my milk and I don’t have enough to give. If I could go back to the day I gave birth to her, I would have just stick to formula to save me and her all that trouble. I become weakened and when I got sick, it becomes really bad. From a normal cough and fever turned into UTI and pneumonia. I visited my family doctor twice and Emergency Room three times before I was admitted into the hospital for a stay of 4 nights and 5 days. Through the ordeal, I had many sleepless nights and a lot of coughing. Pneumonia also gave me pain on my lungs to even breathe. I have never experienced receiving so much medications, one antibiotic bag after another through IV and pain medication. Now I’m at home with more medicines but I still feel weak and hazy, and of course the cough will prolong for another month.

Onto my reading experience.. I was excited to find out that my library has all of my highly anticipated books like Archenemies, The Starless Sea, and Call Down the Hawk. I also wanted to re-read some favorite YA fantasy so I read The Raven Boys. I enjoyed some new books: Little Secrets, The Mercies, and Big Lies in a Small Town. I started The Starless Sea but could not read far because every other chapter doesn’t seem to connect with anything. So I’m putting that read on hold.

In February, I continue book 3 All the Best Lies. I love this Ellery Hathaway series from Joanna Schaffhausen. I read Havenfall because I love this author’s book covers since Everless and Evermore but it was not my favorite. I read a middle grade book called Don’t Check Out this Book and it was excellent. I also enjoyed The Sea of Lost Girls, Gone by Nightfall, and Ten Days Gone. My reading ended abruptly due to my sickness. I was sick for more than 10 days at home and 5 days in the hospital. Now I’m recovering and can only read slowly because I need to regain my strengths to take care of my baby. I’m getting help from my mom while I was in the hospital. She was able to train my daughter to drink milk by the bottle. It takes a bit of an effort to get her to sleep without breastfeeding. Also my daughter thinks I’m a stranger to her now so that will take some time.

Few good news out of my hardships are the books I continue to receive from publishers to read and share with you. I’m lucky to have received a box of the spring YA release, a mix of contemporary and thrillers. I will participate in two upcoming blog tours that will give you the opportunity to win a book. I haven’t hosted giveaways in a long time because of my new baby but I hope to do more of that when I have my strengths back.

All in all, I do have many lessons to learn at the start of 2020. One that I worried is the coronavirus. I have stocked up on the essentials to reduce shopping trips like diapers and formula milk for my baby.

I was honored to have participated in the new cover release on Instagram of The Lunar Chronicles. It was a fun process especially sharing my favorites of Cress. Now I have two covers of my favorite book!

I am also giving away some of my books. I have read them all and recommend them. I hope the recipient will enjoy these books. She gave some gifts to my daughter and it’s fitting to pass along books I have on my shelf.

I hope March 2020 will be better. There are a lot of books I want to read and share with you. Do visit my Instagram for new books. I share more books than I read. I hope you have a better start to your new year than mine.

Happy Reading Everyone!


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