NetGalley Feedback Ratio .. Get Your 80% Badge!

Hello Fellow Book Bloggers! Today I would like to share with you about NetGalley Feedback Ratio. After you read through this post, you will know how to obtain your 80% badge. Good luck everyone!

Here is how you calculate to see how many books you have to read or how many feedbacks you have to send in order to obtain the 80% badge. You can use my current situation as an example. I have a problem with the request button, so I am a little ashamed of my current situation.. haha..



My NetGalley Profile shows:   130 Approved    70 Feedback Sent   Feedback Ratio 54%

1) 70 divide 130 equals 54%, which matches the total feedback ratio percentage display on my profile.

2) 130 approved multiply 80% equals 104 books I should read or feedbacks sent to obtain 80% badge.

3) I have already sent 70 feedbacks, so I take 104 feedbacks minus 70 feedbacks sent equals 34 feedbacks I need to send or books I need to read to obtain the 80% badge.


Additional Info:

You may think that I have 60 books to read (130-70=60) but no, I currently have 50 books to read on my shelf, which is still a lot. That being said, it looks like I had 10 DNF and therefore, I couldn’t provide a proper feedback and it was not count toward my feedback ratio.

I have noticed that the 80% badge is not necessary to have in order to get auto-approvals from publishers. I have had my account on NetGalley for 2 years and have been auto-approved twice without having ever had the 80% badge. I also noticed that I lose that privilege when I don’t review the books that I have been auto-approved for. It is just nice to have the 80% badge.

After you joined NetGalley, you will automatically earn a professional reader badge.

You will earn a Top Reviewer badge when publishers choose your review to feature on NetGalley. After three reviews chosen for any three books, you will be rewarded with the badge.

The more you review, the more chance you will be approved.

Once a year, NetGalley host a challenge and if you join in and read a book, you will receive a badge for it.

Again, good luck everyone! Let’s get our 80% badge together this year!



15 thoughts on “NetGalley Feedback Ratio .. Get Your 80% Badge!

  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for the tip on the auto-approval. I just got auto-approved by the first publisher last week. I think I need to read the book soon. I hadn’t thought of that.

    Getting the 80% is hard. I have gotten there twice but it didn’t last for both times because I immediately request for a number of new titles when I reach the target. This is an informative post.Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. irena_bookdustmagic says:

    Wait, are you saying that you were auto approved and then you lost that auto approval if you didn’t send the review??
    I know a girl who had a blog sth like 5 years ago when Goodreads was still a new thing, not that many bloggers in the blogosphere and probalby Netgally didn’t have that many members.
    She got auto-approval years ago from HarperCollins and she still downloads their ARCs even though her blog is dead and she often doesn’t even review on Goodreads (her reviews are often 2-5 sentences). I suppose she never got off-auto-approvel.
    I like to say that I’m not a jaleous person, but sometimes I do feel a bit envy when I think how I never got approved from HarperCollins Children and yet some have it and abuse it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TeacherofYA says:

    Is that what you’re working on now? Getting those 34 read?
    And if you DNF a book, it doesn’t count against you? Really? What do you do…just write DNF in the feedback? I have four right now, so my feedback is at 83%, and I refuse to request anymore until I read one…but it’s interesting to know that if I don’t like something, I could do that…if I’m understanding correctly.
    I have a 10 review badge, but I’ve done 20+ so I guess it probably goes 10, 50 (like you have), and 100 reviews…(maybe 75…idk).
    I’m glad I could help with your NetGalley account…I hope everything is going well on Edelweiss too…any other books you’re reading? I got The Thousandth Floor from the library bc I requested it first, so I’m reading that one ASAP…what are you reading right now?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jasmine says:

      No. I will not be strict and only read ARC this month. I have 10 library books that I really want to read. The DNF ARC, some I give a short review inform them why I couldn’t finish and others I just take off from my shelf. I didn’t notice any changes. I have 4 books on Edelweiss, but haven’t started on any yet. I am planning to start on the thousandth floor tonight.

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