Pop of Blue

20140719-210818-76098106.jpg Saturday, another cloudy with sprinkle kind of day. I decided to put on my light blue skirt and cotton top to brighten the day. I took advantage of the cloudy day and decided to browse around, enjoying nature without worry of sunburn.

20140719-213042-77442906.jpg Skirt is 100% silk from Ralph Lauren (Similar here Drew Womens Aqua White Tie Dye Knotted Silk Maxi Skirt XS)

Top is 100% cotton from Liz Claiborne (Similar here 2014 New Summer Splice Stripe Short Sleeve Neck Women T-shirt (M))

Shoe is from Anne Klein (Similar here AK Anne Klein Women’s Custom Wedge Sandal,White,8.5 M US)

I was having fun with my skirt as you can tell. It felt so great in the breeze. I walked a good 3 miles today, slowly, mesmerizing the flowers and sceneries. I went to, not a park, but a college. College definitely has beautiful landscape often overlooked.

20140719-212027-76827563.jpg xoxo Jasmine


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